Guide to Jewelry Care


Guide to Jewelry Care


Be careful, dropping, banging, or catching the piece will weaken it over time. 

I recommend that you remove your jewelry for any activity such as swimming, gardening, and exercising and cleaning.  Note: even though diamonds are perceived to be hard, they can and will break when exposed to such activities.

Please remove your rings when washing your hands or cleaning.  Every stone reacts differently to commercial soaps and cleaning agents.  

Cleaning and Storage

Habitual cleaning will remove skin oils, dirt, and other surface residue that has stuck to your jewelry. We recommend using a soft cloth or toothbrush, dipped in warm soapy water and gently scrub the metal. Commercial jewelry cleaning solutions can be harsh and should be used sparingly or avoided entirely with stone jewelry.

I do not recommend cleaning your jewelry in any commercial jewelry cleaner or ultrasonic cleaning device.  Doing so will ruin many stones . 

Store your jewelry in a safe and organized space.  Make sure your  stones are stored somewhere cool, dry, and shaded.


Stone Jewelry Tips and Tricks

While cleaning a ring  be sure to scrub underneath the stone's setting; dirt and oils build up heavily in this area. 

Natural gemstones will each have a different level of durability. Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are the hardest and will resist scratching and chipping the best. 

However, no stone is damage proof.  Please treat all your stones with care.